Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Learning Braille

We have been learning braille through The Hadley School for the Blind.  I say "we" loosely, since I barely touch the thing.  Well, no, that's not quite true.  I take it out to use it and Jericho insists he needs to write a note to N like right now.

Jericho has used the slate (the black plastic thing in the picture) to make rows and rows of dots (or braille) in the cells (the small spaces on the slate).  Braille is written from right to left and then you flip the sheet and read it.

He's getting quite good at making the braille in the cells (there are six spaces for dots in each cell) without looking.  Now we just need to move on to actual letters and numbers.  Man pancakes optional.

I'm crazy for this version of Goodnight Moon to Touch kit.

Not only is it a giveaway, which is very important to us right now.  But it is the tactile version of the story.  My husband likes to point out that the bowl full of mush is included in the tactile drawings.  Very important.

And then we found these Braille Bags from National Braille Press.  Again, they are free.  I hesitate to start poking around on their site, because I have just started and have a long list of books I need to get for N.  We are quite the book hounds here.  Most have braille and print so I can read to all the kids and have N explore the braille.  And they have braille valentines.  Jericho insists we send one to N in Bulgaria.  Trouble is, she can't read it yet.  But I do so love how he loves.

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