Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Have You Heard of Beep Baseball?

One day, not so long ago, my children and I were talking about this little one who will soon be joining our family.  It wasn't about the paperwork (yes, they know about that), or our upcoming silent auction (March 16th), or even items they covet that people drop off for our tag sales (and the answer yet again is "No.  Those are not for you, those are for the tag sales").  They are used to hearing us speak ad infinitum about these topics.  I think they wanted a change of pace.

They wanted to know how we will go for hikes with N along.  Or if N will join in when they have pick up Ultimate Frisbee games with friends.  They wanted to know if N will be able to read (see this post), or cook, or take pictures, or play dress up and pretend.

Being totally honest.  I didn't have all the answers.  And some of the questions kinda freaked me out.

I had forgotten we love to hike (in my defense, it is winter and freezing in New England).  I knew N could learn braille, we can narrate movies for her, that she would learn to cook (there is no choice in a family of eaters) and playing and dressing up would happen naturally.

But hiking, and sports, travel, visual arts - what about those?

A bit of web research later and I'm feeling quite at ease.  Ever heard of Beep Baseball?  Well, I hadn't either.  It actually looks like a game this sighted person could actually be good at (since I would have the advantage in sight, not in ability - ahem).

Cooking?  Christine Ha was crowned Master Chef.

Visual arts?  The Univeristy of California Riverside did an exhibit on Blind Photographers.

And hiking?

Yeah, we got that covered.

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