Saturday, January 19, 2013

A breakdown of the adoption expenses

These constitute the Program Fee:

Commitment fee:  $3500
Completion of dossier: $5500
After trip 1: $4,000

Expenses included in program fee:

All in country transportation
All the team's expenses (hotels and such)
All translations (oral and written)
All legalization and document fees (birth certificate, court documents, etc.)
All court costs
Passport fee

Additional fees to be paid (not included in program fee):

Home study: ours is $5000 in all
I-800a application:  $720 + $85 for each person over 18 in our home
All dossier prep fees (background checks, apostilles etc.)
All plane tickets
The child's visa: $230 due on trip 1
The child's medical exam for the embassy: around $50
Hotel and food expenses while in Bulgaria (hotel in Sofia is 70 Euros per night)

Total (per our agency) is around $25,000 depending on airfare.

Anything for you daughter.  Your worth is PRICELESS!

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